Sunday, June 11, 2017

Purple Ruanas: three different weft colors

So, the last post left off with the warp for the purple ruanas on the loom, and my weft test stripes done. I was trying to decide which colors to use for the weft. Well, two out of the three ruanas got claimed, and so those clients got to pick their weft colors. One chose silver (light grey), and the other choose a deep purple.

I decided I really liked the purples of the warp, so I chose black for the final weft color, in order to keep them as close to true as possible. I was tempted by a dark pink, but figured the black was a safer choice. Maybe next time I'll get a bit more adventurous.
And so, the weaving part is done! I've cut the fabric off of the loom, trimmed thread ends, zig-zag stitched the beginning and end in order to prevent raveling, and popped the fabric into the wash to wet finish.
I've got it on hot, with high agitation. This fluffs and shrinks and moves threads into their final position. The fabric comes out much softer to the touch, with a nicer drape. I love seeing the transition that this first wash and dry brings!

Now... I often put just a bit more warp onto the loom than I think I need, in case of mishaps. I wove that extra off with the black weft, and ended up with 21" of bonus fabric (pre-washing). I'm wondering what to do with this extra bit. I'm thinking that a handwoven yoga mat bag might be in order, with perhaps a matching inkle woven strap. But I'm not sure. What else would you do with that extra bit of fabric?

EDIT: After washing, the extra bit of fabric ended up 24 1/2" wide from selvedge to selvedge, and 18" long.


  1. Beautiful.....I am mesmerized by your managing to get the gradation lined up the way you do.

    1. I work by proportion. I divide the warp into equal sections of warp threads. One section will have 3/4 the original color, and 1/4 the new color. The next section will have 2/3 the original color, and 1/3 the new. The next one will have equal amounts. Then, a section of 1/3 original and 2/3 new. And then on to 1/8 original, 3/4 new...and 1/8 the color to change to after that. And so on. It makes for a lot of cutting and tying at the warping mill, but when I go to put it on the loom the color changes are all done for me already.